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This blog is dedicated to assisting current and future multifamily property owners, operators and investors in executing specific tasks that allow multifamily assets to operate at their highest level of efficiency.

We discuss best practices in multifamily property management and methods related to how to buy multifamily apartment complexes.   Our focus is on sharing strategies and tactics that can  be implemented and measured.

We discuss real world issues in multifamily property management and acquisitions.

Recent speaking engagements…

Keynote Speaker (St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas) – Real Estate Investing Seminar

Keynote Speaker (Denver) – Bigger Pockets

Keynote Speaker (Atlanta) – Corelogic

Keynote Speaker (San Jose) – San Jose REI

Co-founder – PowerHour Property Management Leadership Academy

John Wilhoit, Jr.  is President of Wilhoit Investment Network, LLC,  (WIN LLC) an owner and asset manager of apartments, condominiums and town homes.  Mr. Wilhoit’s career has focused on high volume, large-scale multifamily communities including market rate and mixed-finance developments.  He has previously held positions with HUD, AIMCO and the Maryland Housing fund. Mr. Wilhoit holds an undergraduate degree in Business and a Masters in Urban & Regional Planning. WIN LLC provides consulting, asset management and market analysis services  for multifamily property owners.

Join our PowerHour Leadership Academy focused on G.R.A.C.E [Grow Revenue & Control Expenses].  http://www.powerhourleadershipacademy.com/pm/.  The services below are only available to one property management company in your city/market.

The focus of our weekly working together will include the following areas:

 1st week of every month >> Grow Your Revenue…showing you the 11 most important ways to gain more revenue, increase your new client relationships and grow your market share/impact

 2nd week of every month >> Direct Competitors…we’ll be working together on a 13-part presentation focused on how to out-sell, out-market, out-run and beat those you are competing with

3rd week of every month >> Your Team…focusing on interviewing skills, hiring best-practices, compensation plans, and the steps for training and retaining the very best

 4th week of every month ===>> Control Expenses…with discussions related to bids/RFPs, vendor selection and compliance, and industry guest presenters sharing best-practices from an expert vendor/supplier perspective

 5th week of some months ===>> Bonus Topics…see below

Negotiating Expertise… focusing on 21 specific skills and techniques showing you how to ask for and get the full price for your property management services

Please contact Dr. Della Streaty-Wilhoit, Market Research/Product Development at 573-886-8992. dswilhoit@gmail.com. 
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