Multifamily Insight’s Ten Most Popular Post of 2015

Multifamily Insight Names CoreLogic as Preferred Tenant Screening Provider
Following are the ten most popular blog post from calendar year 2015 from Multifamily Insight.  The theme is clear; our readers engaged the most with articles that provided usable list and industry-related website search.

Thank you, our loyal readers, for your support, feedback and continued interaction that allows for this forum to expand and make an impact within our industry.

Property Management: 9 Things Not in the Textbooks    In property management, I believe many of the points presented  here will be true five years from now.  Like the chart of a long-term investment, one day does not a portfolio trend make.  The same holds true in property management.   Here are some “points to ponder” I believe hold true over the long run.

Top Ten Multifamily Websites Some of the sites are regional, some global.  Some are exclusively  multifamily while others only have multifamily as part of the greater real estate asset class.  All can add to our knowledge base about the multifamily business.

Property Management: 5 Lease Violations to Avoid Lease violations are just that; a violation of the lease terms agreed to by the Resident and owner or Property Management company.  These terms are set in writing.  Violation of the terms provides grounds for ending the lease.

Property Management: 21 Low-cost Renewal Concessions What is your customer acquisition costs? What does it costs the property to obtain a new lease? There is advertising, overhead and staff time- all part of the expense for obtaining a new resident. Then there is the customer retention costs.

Property Management: 5 Move-in Checklist. Yes – Five! While move-in check list are “all the same” you will be hard pressed to find two that are exactly alike.  Following is an idea list for you to pick and choose items you may want to add to your existing move-in checklist.  Yes, the list is a bit off the beaten track.  That’s kind of the point…to get you thinking outside the norm.

Five Multifamily Rental Revenue Growth Strategies Year over year rent growth is the most important driver of revenue growth.   How do you get it?

Multifamily Apartment Marketing: 21 Leasing Touch Points What if the only way you could obtain a new Resident was via online apartment marketing? How many “touch points” do you have with the at-large Resident marketplace?

Multifamily Demographics: Five Free Mapping Resources It’s no small task to add a demographic component to your knowledge base about  a particular  property or portfolio. Getting  “granular” by creating layered demographic maps can be very expensive. The more detail requested the more expensive the mapping outputs.

Websites for Improving your Property Management Team As busy property management professionals we only have so much time for industry-related activities. Yet keeping current, staying relevant in our selected field of expertise, is part of staying ahead of the curve.

Five Ways to Make Money in Real Estate Without Ownership Here are five professional tracks tied to real estate each “dipped” in the daily life of being a real estate professional without requiring ownership of hard assets.

This article is intended to be informational only and does not provide legal, financial or accounting advice. See Multifamily Insight.  See video at John

Multifamily Insight Names CoreLogic as Preferred Tenant Screening Provider

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