A Multifamily Perspective – John Wilhoit Interview with Kevin Bupp

This is a 50+ minute live recording interview of John Wilhoit with host Kevin Bupp.  It’s an open forum conversation between John and Kevin about  John’s experience in multifamily.  Click here to listen.

Kevin has a podcast show entitled Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow.

Our discussion is entitled:  Ep #75: Actionable Lessons and Strategies from Multi-Family Industry Expert – John Wilhoit

Here are some of the topics we discuss:

  • How John got his start in the business prior to becoming an owner/operator
  • The opportunity he saw in transitioning from flipping single family homes to multifamily properties
  • The sequential steps that John takes to identify new promising sub-markets to invest in
  • How he defines a sub-market and why this is important to understand
  • The reason you need to first identify a qualified property management company prior to acquiring a multifamily property in a new market rather than the other way around
  • Why he feels there is no such thing as a “quality” nothing-down deal
  • What he would have done differently if he could go back to year one of his investing career
  • Never letting the deal determine the market and why he feels you need to first target your markets and then seek deals within those markets
  • Why he suggests that new multifamily investors start small (under 5 units) in order to take advantage of residential financing
  • The reason that you need to first determine your exit long before entering into a deal
  • Why he suggests www.MultiFamilybiz.com for all those who are serious about staying up to date on news within the industry

Click here to listen.

This interview was a pleasure to do with Kevin.  I look forward to our next discussion.  Great format.

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