Defining Markets Podcast: John Wilhoit Interview with J Darrin Gross

National publications about rent growth, vacancy rates and appreciation can make the news about Multifamily sound GREAT all over.  The truth is; all Real Estate is local; the news in San Francisco is not the same experience in Topeka, KS or Jacksonville, FL.

This is a 50+ minute live interview with guest John Wilhoit and host J Darrin Gross.  It’s an open forum conversation between John and Darrin about defining multifamily markets entitled: Multifamily Markets: Primary versus Secondary and Tertiary. Click here to listen.

Mr. Gross has a podcast show on the Commercial Real Estate Pro Network.  The discussion is entitled:  Multifamily Markets: Primary versus Secondary and Tertiary.

Understanding the market, demographics & characteristics of neighborhoods is essential to any predictable outcome when investing in real estate.

“Who” are the people in the market?

Primary Markets

  • What is the population size of a Primary Market?
  • What is the Median Income?
  • How many Primary Markets are there?
  • Where are the Primary Markets?
  • What features in an Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) define a Primary Market ?
  • Return on Investment expectations in a Primary Market

Where are the 24 Hour Cities?

Secondary Markets

  • How far is a Secondary market from a Primary Market?
  • What population size determines a Secondary Market?
  • What is the employment picture?
  • Is there an Airport or Sports Team in a Secondary City?
  • What is the growth pattern like?

Tertiary Markets

  • How far is it from a Secondary Market?
  • How many people live in a Tertiary Market?
  • Is there a Wal-Mart in a Tertiary Market?

Find out more about Mr. Gross at J Darrin Gross.

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