In Property Management “Real Life” Listings Matter

As our culture becomes increasingly more web based, it’s easy to focus advertising listings all online. Services such as Craigslist and social media are great tools but they just a single point of marketing for your tenant seeking pursuits.

Because of the easy accessibility and large quantity of online listings, a physical listing in your area might stand out to prospective tenants. This also means you’re going to have to make it really stand out to be taken seriously.

Newspaper Listings

Most classifieds listings provide a very limited amount of words or characters to work with. This means you need to sell your rental in a succinct matter. The best way to start writing a newspaper classified is by picking out a few keywords you believe describes your rentals. You will need to highlight the basics (rent, how many bedrooms, utilities, etc.). If you can spare the space, try to include at least one dynamic feature to the listing. This might include: gym access for apartment complexes, waterfront view, convenient location to landmark, etc.

Including a photo will make your listing much more appealing

It’s also important to consider that an older audience is more likely to read the classifieds in the newspaper as younger generations are more prone to heading straight to the Internet. Older renters tend to, but not always, have better credit scores and rental history than younger renters who have not had time to build up these credentials.

Fliers and Signs

Fliers advertising rentals can be a dime a dozen, many opting just to put a picture with Times New Roman text underneath on white copy paper. While a flier should be professional, that doesn’t mean it has to be drab and boring.

Utilizing photos of the rental is important for a successful flier; try including samples of a select few rooms (possibly furnished). Try not to overwhelm the flyer with too many photos and avoid using clip art from Microsoft Word.

High quality photos will include a nice border and a few subtle accent colors to make your flyer stand out amongst the multitude of others out there. For fonts, avoid types such as Papyrus and Comic Sans. Stick with professional and clear fonts like Helvetica. Posting these around community boards by grocery stores and parks will make them stand out.

Oldest and Newest Advertising Mediums 

While it may go along with Internet listings, QR codes can be a fun way to get people interested in your apartment. QR codes are similar to bar codes but are scanned by apps on smart phones that redirect them to a link. These codes can be made for free on websites such as Kaywa. Posting these codes around your town alongside some sort of text referring to rental listings might intrigue people to seek it out. You can also simply include QR codes on the bottom of your fliers if that is easier.

Radio still works. If you own a property management firm, you can advertise on  local radio to let the public know about multiple listings at once.

Dusty Henry, Editor at All Property Management. All Property Management is a service to connect property owners to property managers. APM’s database lets you search for local property managers in your region and get free quotes.

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