Multifamily Apartment Marketing: 21 Leasing Touch Points

What if the only way you could obtain a new Resident was via online apartment marketing? How many “touch points” do you have with the at-large Resident marketplace?

We are familiar with the 24-hour news cycle, anymore, leasing is in the same category as people have changed the way they “shop” for an apartment home.  As people use smart phones and tablets more this has led to an explosion in mobile as almost sixty percent of online mobile is usage personal usage.  Is it any wonder that smart phones are referred to as the remote control of our lives?

Leasing venues are changing in the same way as television habits are changing; people are devoting less time to network television with a corresponding increase in streaming or online viewing. For leasing, while desktops are not yet dead, they are being pushed aside by tablets and smart phones.

Question: how do future Residents find you? Do you really know or are you guessing? Do you survey incoming appointments and ask how they found your property? Are you tracking this information?

Here are a-typical methods that future Residents find properties:

  • Referrals
  • Search
  • Your company website
  • Your property-specific website
  • Apartment review websites
  • Leasing website
  • Online advertising – free
  • Online advertising – paid
  • Apartment leasing Blogs

Question: how many ways can a potential Resident “touch” your available inventory of units?

  • Do you have a map and easy to follow directions to you address?
  • Do you have online photos?
  • Do you have a model unit on property?
  • Do you have dedicated “Future Resident” parking?
  • Do you have video on your website?
  • Do you have podcasts?
  • Do you use SlideShare?

Question: How many “touch points” do you have with a potential Resident that does not commit on the day of the showing?

  • Your follow-up phone calls (post showing)
  • Your Newsletter
  • Your direct email letter or postcard
  • Is your digital material optimized for smart phones access?
  • Is you website optimized for all operating systems?

All of these questions are intended to spur your thinking.  How many of these components are already at work for your assets under management? How many more can you deploy? The  items presented here represent a market basket, but just like cooking, its how you mix them together that determines the outcome. A three-star meal or goulash is in the hands of the chef!

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