Property Management: Consistency is Key

What does McDonald’s, Starbucks and Folgers all have in common?  They delivery a consistent product.  The  cornerstone of running a successful multifamily business is consistency in management- delivering a consistent product.  

Note we did not say consistency in multifamily location, age or price point.  Coffee shops come in all shapes and sizes, but if the name is recognizable, we seem to look past the storefront because we know what to expect in terms of quality of product.  Does your property management company have a brand?  Is it recognized for consistency in your marketplace?  

Practice, practice

Just like doctors and lawyers, apartment property managers “practice” their craft.   Perhaps you have heard the saying “there is a difference between having ten years of experience, and  one year of experience ten times”.   Our industry is always evolving.  

Best Practices

Best practices should include customer service as a cornerstone to success.  Many companies focus on leadership training.  This is fine, but not if it comes at the expense of company-wide training… the kind that keeps everyone on message. 

Our people as “software”

What’s the one  thing you want from your property management software?   Probably first; you want it to work.  Software products are an interactive tool we  use to better our proficiency and get things done.  Property managers have dozens of management software programs to choose from for increasing proficiency.  Our customers (tenants) have little if any interaction with this.  Their “software” is the manager.   Our customer’s (tenant)  primary point of interaction with a property is their property manager.  

Relationship Management

Our customers, they absolutely need their relationship with the property manager to work.  Otherwise, they can move on to another property.  Seeking not only a space to live, but a good relationship with management.  This cannot be under-estimated.  Quality management interaction with the customer makes for a higher probability of a longer term relationship with the customer.   Longer relationships equates to less turnover.   Less turnover equals higher NOI. 

We all have our favorite coffee shop.  How long until you found a different favorite place if “Grumpy” stood at the door for each order?  Probably not long.   Our property management professionals are the front line to the customer.   Managers are at their best when they are authentic, not wearing their feelings, being professional and engaging.  In short, offering consistent customer service.

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