Property Management: Thanks and Giving

There are many ways to say thank you during the holidays.   We all know how to buy premiums and coffee cups with our logo plastered on the side.  But let me take a different bend here.  What’s the one resource we have that we never give away, the one that’s always in high demand?   Time!  Time is money, time is tight, we budget our time…. all the time. 

What Better Gift!

My holiday suggestion is for each of us to find someone within our sphere of influence that is off our beaten track and spend just a little time with that person.  It can be a a co-worker, tenant or vendor.  It may be your next door neighbor or the neighbor of a family member.   Somewhere in a familiar environment, but with a focus on an individual or family that is usually part of your background scenery.  

Bring a cup of coffee to a co-worker that isnt on the usual poke-your-head-in-the-office route.   Maybe it’s the guy that always wears weird ties.  Or the young lady with one too many piercings. 

Stretch Your Interpersonal Relationship Scale! 

Talk to people that usually only here you bark or grunt.  Get out of your comfort zone for half an hour.  You will find some amazing people.  And while going into this thinking we are about to enlighten some one’s dark, dank world with our stellar personality, invariably, they enlighten ours. 

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