On Being Grateful (For America)

Most American’s will have a peaceful Thanksgiving day with family and friends. Some will continue to worry throughout this day about Corn prices, gold or oil.  Do you ever wish to return to simpler time?  When was that, exactly?

Go back too far and your concerns would include chasing dinner with a rock or sharp stick.  That far back in  history required, first,  finding dinner, then actually capturing dinner.  All while not getting eaten by something that looked at you as dinner. We have so very much to be thankful for.  Consider that we are:

Two generations removed… from having air-conditioning.  Is it any wonder we live longer now?  This invention transformed hundreds of thousands of square miles into livable  space; from Arizona to Florida as a broad example.

Three generations removed… from the “electrification” of America. Less really.  Prior to Harry Truman becoming President, in the 1940’s, he traveled the state of Missouri preaching the need for every house to have electricity. This was a big deal as less than half the homes had any form of lighting.

Four generations  removed… from the mass production of the automobile.  Henry Ford started production of his vehicle en masse in 1908. With thousands of people provided with the ability to move around at will we scattered through this vast land, building roads for our  machines to travel.  

Five generations removed… from the Wright Brothers first flight. Today, Virgin Atlantic is giving away a space flight to their customer with the most frequent flyer miles this year. Amazing.

Six generations removed… from the Industrial Revolution.

Seven generations removed… from the Civil War.

Eight generations removed… from the end of slavery. Less actually. But the movement towards abolition began long before the actuality.  Same as women’s suffrage, same as civil rights.   

Check my dates and you will find some slight deviations from historical facts.  The point is to consider how far we have come in such a short period of time. 

Nine generations removed from… the birth of a Nation.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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