Property Management: 5 Move-in Checklist (Yes- Five)

The best of all worlds when installing systems is to look at other existing systems that are already up and running.  When it comes to a move-in checklist you will never see two alike.  However, like making a good margarita, you know that most margarita’s have the exact same ingredients with just a little different spin on blended ingredients.  What is the purpose of a move-in checklist?

A move-in/move-out checklist is a record of the condition of an apartment home on the date of move in. The same document is utilized at move-out as a method to compare changes in condition since move-in.

While move-in check list are “all the same” you will be hard pressed to find two that are exactly alike.  Following is an idea list for you to pick and choose items you may want to add to your existing move-in checklist.  Yes, the list is a bit off the beaten track.  That’s kind of the point…to get you thinking outside the norm.

You may find an item or two to spur your thinking- something that applies to your assets under management that you did not think of before.  Following are five places to find a move in checklist from places you would not normally look for one.

Impact Property Management:  This move-in/move-out check list appears to be geared towards single-family homes.  As with all of the forms referenced here, it’s a good exercise to step outside of your comfort zone and review how others do business.

Wiki Downloads:  This one is interesting as it provides a column for the costs of repairs on the move in form.  Making a presumption here, that the intent is to get the resident to think about this matter as they move in and guide their actions accordingly.  Is that a bad thing?

UC-Santa Cruz:  This check list is from a state University.  This move-ion checklist is for student housing but it’s easy to see the cross-over to market rate multifamily.

U.S. Air Force:  Small changes from other move-in/move-out forms.  This one goes so far as to consider the condition of the walls.  I thought that was interesting as most of us take it for granted that the walls will be in good order.  Just another point to ponder…

State of Idaho:  This move-in/move-out list has a simple rating system.  I would not recommend using this format as ratings are invariably subjective.  Perhaps this is a requirement for certain forms of housing in Idaho.  I  present this here as an example of what not to do as it relates to market rate multifamily.

Please add to the list with your comments.  Do you have a “super” checklist that is all-encompassing?  Have you found items from other commercial property types that have categories we can apply to multifamily?

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