Property Management Presentations: How to be the Most Interesting Person in the Room

When making a presentation to a potential new client how can you guarantee  that your presentation will be the most interesting one they hear that day?  How can you assure that you will be the most interesting person in the room?  By being the best prepared.

Our clients and potential clients want to know about the  benefits they will derive from hiring our company.  Sure, there will always be plenty of features (bells and whistles) devoted to how we deliver the benefits.  But what are the benefits?  What solutions do we bring?  Benefits need to deliver solutions.

To assure a quality presentation align your delivered benefits (solutions) with those most desired by the potential client.  How do you do that? By gaining an understanding of the clients situation.  This is done with pre-meeting questions.

The formula for adding more multifamily apartments to your property management portfolio is this:  Comprehensive Pre-Meeting Questions = Focused Expertise + Closed New Biz.

In multifamily property management, there are very specific questions you can ask to assure you have a good understanding of the issues the potential client is faced with in real-time.  Knowing the answers to these questions allows you to contour your presentation for maximum impact.

Thus, whereas every other property management company they interview will be touting the benefits of hiring them, your presentation will be totally focused on how your company can deliver solutions to the areas the client needs most because you have ask these hard questions prior to the presentation and built-in the answers (read: solutions) into your client presentation.

The end game is that you will have proven yourself as the most prepared to address their issues and concerns and you are therefore ready to accept their business.  Congratulations!

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