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Team at conference tableAs busy property management professionals we only have so much time for industry-related activities. Yet keeping current, staying relevant in our selected field of expertise, is part of staying ahead of the curve.  The choices can be over-whelming.  Do we devote our training dollars to in-house activities, become actively engaged in local and regional associations or national events?

Following are a five websites that can engage your property management team and keep them on the top of their game.  None require travel outside of your marketplace to garner benefits (of course, you may decide on some travel for national events) .

Multifamily Executive.  MFE is like my personal multifamily “USA Today” on the industry.  There is a lot of material, its concise and provides a starting point for further inquiry.

Lumosity. This site is more than “mind games”.  Learning exercises for your brain that can focus your attention at work and away.   The most comprehensive list of upcoming multifamily related conferences.  There is just no way to send everyone to every industry related conference.  Use this website to see what’s coming up nationally and regionally.  This will provide you with a planning horizon to pick and choose which conferences will most benefit your team.

REIT’s.  A website by the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts. A REIT is a Real Estate Investment Trust.  REIT’s are some of the biggest owners of multifamily in the country. Identify the largest multifamily REIT’s in your marketplace and following their activity.  Are they net buyers or sellers in your market? Do they self-manage or hire third-party managers? How many people do they employ in your market? Who are their preferred vendors? We are purposefully not pointing to a particular REIT because different one’s play big in different markets.  Identify those your firm is competing with and  see what they are up to in your backyard.

Marcus Millichap Brokerage.  You don’t have to be in buy or sell mode to benefit from knowing about transactions in your marketplace.  This brokerage company has offices nationwide focused on multifamily.  For your PM team, their website has stellar research on national and regional trends. From my perspective, their research is some of the best in the business related to multifamily.  (Multifamily Insight has no affiliation with this company).

For 2 property management audio courses, 3 books and live weekly leadership academy–surf here,

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